Sexual Positions

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There are many ways to perform Sex, below is a few of the most common ways to have sex with your partner. Check out the other entry on our blog showing the more unusual ways to perform.

Sex & The Missionary Position

The missionary stance is one of the most utilised love making positions due to the fact it is comfortable, gives a lot of body touching and great depth of penetration which lots of people like during Sex. The Partners can kiss and grasp each other at the both together. The lady lies on her back with their legs parted and her knees up in the air, and her man lies on the top in between her spread legs. From this position the lady can move to cross her legs over her man’s back or to shut them broadly beneath him, while he spreads his own.


This is when the guy can lie on his back in the bed then the lady can sit astride the chap and control the speed of their experience. Facing him, she can squat on her heels for a more spontaneous up and down movement, or kneel, helping balance herself with her arms. This way, she can lean and kiss the guys mouth. From this sex position, it is better for her to increase the closeness by playing with all her weight along his. Change is for her to reverse away from him, increasing the deepness of the sex.

From Behind

Deep penetration can and will be gained with the woman on all fours and her guy kneeling from behind. This sex position gives both partners the chance to thrust against each other, and the guy may also touch his ladies breasts, bum and clitoris. Back entry sex positions like this are perfect when both lovers are in the zone for hard rather than soft lovemaking. An alternative is for both parties is to stand, with the girl bending over and supporting herself against a wall or bedpost.

Fire Side

In this great sex position, which can follow intimacy on the ladies private parts, the woman sits nicely in a chair with her arms and legs around the guy, who penetrates while kneeling in the front. She can lean back; the man can support himself with his arms on the rear of the chair, which allows him more power in the sex activity.




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