Licking Your Lady!

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Cunnilingus is the way of giving full attention to a ladies private parts with your mouth and using your tongue. It is a skill that requires softness, sometimes needing some patience, practice, to get it correct, but any lady you endeavour to do it correct for will certainly love the guy more for it. What happens during oral sex to the penis applies to the woman’s sensitive parts too – however everyone is different, needing a different feel to make its recipient smile. But few things can rival the tongue to give to a happy vagina.

How fast should You go?

This should not be an onslaught. Do not go after the lady like a fire-fighter approaching the fire. More often than not at first, the clitoris is very very sensitive for direct touching. Caress around it, touching the hood, taming her inner labia, licking her. Take your time and hear how she is reacting. Some ladies will make noise, and some don’t. It will be some time before you learn correctly what your partner prefers as far as this type of sex is concerned. Some ladies may like extra stimulation with maybe a single finger or even two into the love area, or maybe even the bottom. You may want your arms to reach up and caress her boobs, or she may ask you to place your fingers strategically to keep her labia apart so that the tongue can get at her love areas with more intensity.

Cunnilingus does not taste very nice?

When performing Oral Sex on a lady if the taste or odour affects you or is a worry, ask her to clean beforehand. One way to ensure you don’t offend is to suggest you both take a shower together to start the Sex process. Some people who like cunnilingus accept that a shiny vagina is best. As a lady nears her orgasm, she could want more direct touch. Overall, fast, steady stimulation is the way to get the best result – but there need not be a hurry to get there. Pace yourselves and remember to understand what you can do for your partner.

Many people are sometimes turned off at the thought of oral sex while the lady is on her period. If it is a worry, then wait. A tampon may keep the blood back, the same as the diaphragm, but a lot of men don’t like the taste.

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