Licking Your Lady!

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Cunnilingus is the way of giving full attention to a ladies private parts with your mouth and using your tongue. It is a skill that requires softness, sometimes needing some patience, practice, to get it correct, but any lady you endeavour to do it correct for will certainly love the guy more for it. What … Continue reading “Licking Your Lady!”

Most Popular Sex Toys

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Sex toys are used to enhance and change your sexual experiences. With toys, you can experience different feelings, such as vibration, pressure, heat and low temperatures, and the feeling of various materials. Many people like using the toys in their personal life, on their own or with their partner. The most popular sex toys explained: … Continue reading “Most Popular Sex Toys”

Sex Toys – Anal and more

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Some Toy sex users like anal sex or anal feelings by using their sex toy. Butt are available in various sizes, colours and weird and wonderful shapes, and could be vibrating or static. A butt plug is used to go to the bottom and to remain there until you, or someone else takes it out. … Continue reading “Sex Toys – Anal and more”

Sexual Positions

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There are many ways to perform Sex, below is a few of the most common ways to have sex with your partner. Check out the other entry on our blog showing the more unusual ways to perform. Sex & The Missionary Position The missionary stance is one of the most utilised love making positions due … Continue reading “Sexual Positions”


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