Sex Toys – Anal and more

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Some Toy sex users like anal sex or anal feelings by using their sex toy. Butt are available in various sizes, colours and weird and wonderful shapes, and could be vibrating or static. A butt plug is used to go to the bottom and to remain there until you, or someone else takes it out. Using a butt plug while you have an orgasm can make feeling a great deal more intense. Anal dildos and anal vibrators are also available. Remember, any sex toy used anally MUST have a base sometimes referred to as a flange, which is important so the sex toy can be removed smoothly and efficiently and doesn’t go all the way inside the anus, which is a dangerous activity.

Toys are also available for other parts of the body; people can buy nipple clamps, which pinch a nipple or both, and could vibrate. Many people like the use of sex toy accessories like handcuffs and other ways to restrict their own or partners movement. Lots of people also like pain as part of their sexual activity, for example utilising a whip. Like with all sex toys, accessory toys can give a lot of excitement, but it is paramount to know how to use them in the right way and safely before utilising them in the bedroom.

Sex Toys will be of various materials. When buying a sex toy, choose a body-safe material such as silicone, hard plastic, glass, or stainless steel. Not only are these materials safe to use and are durable. Sex Toys made of other forms (particularly if they feel like jelly, or have a plastic odour) may contain bad things for your body. Always use a condom on a sex toy if you are not exactly sure what it is made from.

Keeping Sex Toys clean is paramount for safety and cleanliness, and will also keep them in better shape for use next time. Sex Toys constructed of safe materials safe washed in hot water and many should be sterilised by boiling. Sex Toys made of other things will probably require a specialist cleaning method.

Once the sex toy is cleaned and dried off, put each sex toy in a bag made of cloth –  then they can be placed together without having them all over the place for an unsuspecting person to find.

When purchasing the first sex toy, think about what you want to utilise it for, do you want a sex toy for insertion, vibration, accessory play, or maybe all of it! Will you be putting it on yourself, your partners? Also, think price – sex toys made of high-quality, body-friendly things will be more durable and are better to use, but they may be more expensive. Go into a sex toy shop, so you can see yourself with how the various sex toys feel and are to be used, it will aid you to select the right one for your needs

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